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July 2018

Mailing of Copy Culture: Sharing in the Age of Digital Reproduction completed.

Through essays, interviews and project profiles, 'Copy Culture' edited by the talented Brendan Cormier draws from the ReACH consultation and dialogue exploring how we can, collectively, better understand the challenges and opportunities for making, storing, sharing and using digital reproductions of works of art and cultural heritage in the 21st century. It was a pleasure to support Brendan on this other important outcome of the ReACH initiative and co-sign the introduction. Being true to the open access spirit of ReACH, the book can be downloaded from the V&A website and below.

(Publication - London, UK)


June 2018

Anaïs Aguerre organised as Reach Project Director a conference with UNESCO presenting the conclusion of a year of an unprecedented global consultation she led on behalf of the V&A to explore the challenges and opportunities that digital reproductions represent today and how we could collectively shape new responses to ensure that these latest technologies could help us better study, preserve and share our cultural heritage. One of the major outcomes of this initiative is the ReACH Declaration signed by museum and heritage community's leading figures. Moreover, the ReACH initiative has been a fantastic opportunity to explore how the total of our collective contributions could help us address global issue more effectively when the right international collaborative framework is created, a core mission of Culture Connect. The reception of this Declaration has been extremely positive as the desire to share best practices in the field is growing. Feel free to join, the #ReACHDialogue remains open

The Reach Declaration translated in all the official UN-languages can be found below as well as the list of the initial signatories.

(Project / Conference - Paris, France)


May 2018

On 18 May 2018, ICOM celebrates International Museum Day. The theme for this year is “Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics”. With this in mind, Culture Connect shares some tips on easy ways to communicate and virtually meet your global colleagues to foster international collaboration. 

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April 2018

Culture Connect worked with the Chilean Ministerio de la Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio to explore how international engagement could become a positive aspect of museums’ work in Chile. The workshop ‘working locally, thinking globally’ we planned and delivered at the Ministry in Santiago for Chilean museum professionals took place as the Ministry recently launched a new museum policy following the report on the state of museums in Chile published in December 2017. Chile is a fascinating country which hosted in 1972 the seminal roundtable organised by UNESCO in Santiago on “The Role of Museums in Today’s Latin America’ which remains a turning point for museology in Latin America.

(Workshop - Santiago, Chile)

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March 2018

Culture Connect was invited by Tonya Nelson, Chair of ICOM UK to take part in the ICOM UK / NMDC Annual Conference on working internationally. Anaïs shared her thoughts and insights on ‘re-thinking museum international engagement in a hyper-connected world’ as part of the ‘Working locally, Thinking globally’ panel.

(Conference - Edinburgh, UK)


February 2018

As project director for ReACH, Anaïs contributed to the panel “Policies of Ownership” in the context of digital reproductions and their dissemination alongside Claudia Schnitzlein (The British Museum), the Berlin-based artists Nora Al-Badri and Nikolei Nelles and Babette Schnitzlein (Bilderfahrzeuge Project). The panel was organised in connection with the exhibition “Metadata” by the international research group Bilderfahrzeuge. Aby Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology and Central Saints Martins University for the Arts.

(Conference - London, UK)


January 2018

Article in The Art Newspaper:‘Digital obsolescence is a growing problem and ReACH commits itself to producing a set of standards that will be revised as technology evolves.’


January 2018

The first edition of ‘Cultural Diplomacy in Action’ was delivered to the UCSC MA in Cultural and Digital Diplomacy’s students. 

(Lectures - Rome, Italy)


December 2017

Article in Apollo Magazine: ‘If ReACH can provide both a framework and a network for future debates, it will be a step in the right direction at a time when international cooperation is needed more than ever.’

December 2017

After an unprecedented global consultation, the ReACH Declaration Promoting the Reproduction, Storage and Sharing of Works of Art and Cultural Heritage Through Digital Technologies was successfully launched during a public summit held at the V&A. Among the initial 19 signatories: the V&A, the Louvre Museum, the Hermitage State Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Van Gogh Museum, the National Galleries of Scotland, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Factum Arte, Yale Center for British Art, The Warburg Institute, National Gallery of Victoria and the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism in particular.

Through Culture Connect, Anaïs structured and led on behalf of the V&A this major international collaboration on the reproduction of works of art and cultural heritage spearheaded by the V&A collaboration with the Peri Foundation. The completion phase runs until June 2018. 

(Project - London, UK)



During Frieze, Culture Connect was invited to curate a panel on 'Authenticity in the Digital World: how will the aura of the original evolve in the 21st century?' as part of the “Blueprint Breakfast Briefings” series co-organised by Cromwell Place and Vastari. Anaïs explored with Brendan Cormier (Senior Curator, V&A), Sam Jacob (Principal, Sam Jacob Studio) and Chance Coughgenour (Programme Manager, Google Culture Institute) how the notion of authenticity is challenged by the 4th industrial revolution and this affects the cultural and heritage community.

(Conference - London, UK)



Anaïs delivered the keynote for the 2017 annual conference of ICOM – ICTOP (International Committee for the Training of Personel) looking at “Why do people matter? Museums and capacity building in the 21st century”.

(Conference - Windhoek, Namibia)